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Sponsorship is the provision of supplementary support to families for preventing child destitution, abuse, exploitation and it offers holistic child protection including counselling and guidance.

Sponsorship means providing conditional assistance to ensure that the child continues his/her education. It facilitates child care within the family/ extended family environment

Keeping in line with the guiding principles of ICPS, the aim of sponsorship is preserving families and encouraging parents to fulfil their responsibilities towards the growth and development of their children.

Under ICPS, two types of Sponsorship are provided :

  • REHABILITATIVE-Children placed into institutions by families as a poverty coping measure to reunite them with their families
  • PREVENTIVE–Support to families living in extreme conditions of deprivation or exploitation to enable the child to remain in his/her family

Sponsorship has been defined under JJA 2015, and individual, group and community sponsorship have been mentioned.Section 45 of JJA 2015 mentions sponsorship. Primary focus of sponsorship is on deinstitutionalization of children already residing in CCIs. Priority is given to children restored to families and who have either both or at least one parent alive. In certain cases, children staying with the grandparents may be included. The State Guidelines for Sponsorship was developed through consultation with NGOs and experts prior to this notification

Department of CD,WD & SW has passed order for formation of Sponsorship Approval Committee (SFCAC) in each district vide Memo No. 2296 (19)-SW/JJA 2014 dated 11.07.14.

The composition of SFCAC is as follows:

         District Child Protection Officer-Chairperson

         Protection Officer (Non-Institutional Care)-Member

         Protection officer (Institutional Care)-Member

         Chairperson/Member, Child Welfare Committee- Member

         Representative of SAA-Member

         Representative of a Voluntary Organization (working in the area of Child Protection with experience in restoration and family reunification)

Children up to 18 years of age

Children staying in child care institutions for more than six months continuously, who can be restored to their families, with financial support.

Physically disabled children who are school drop out because of financial reasons.

The total income of the family should not be more than Rs.24, 000 per year.

Priority shall be given to :

  • Children of a single mother/widow/ grandparents.
  • Children affected and infected with HIV AIDS.
  • Children of Leprosy patients/HIV infected children.
  • Children who are residing in Government homes.
  • Vulnerable children who are residing in institutions which are declared as “fit institutions”.
  • Children whose parent/bread earner is in a correctional home
  • (Children of)Parents suffering from chronic ailments and from terminal diseases.
  • (Children of)Parents who are disabled and incapacitated to work.
  • Vulnerable children and the families from the community who are the victims of child marriage, child trafficking and child labor.

Rs.1000 per child per month(Rs. 2000/ per child per month under revised ICPS w.e.f 01.04.2014) for maximum 2 children per family. Centre and State ratio is 75:25
Duration:maximum three years or up to 18 years of age, whichever is earlier–other than in exceptional circumstances. However, extension possible upon the review of the sponsorship and Foster care Approval committee (SFCAC).
If any child is migrating to another state while he /she is getting sponsorship, then the sponsorship will be transferred to the CWC of that state. Provision of strong interstate linkages should be there. 
The Sponsorship allocation involves the following process :

  • Preparation of Individual care plan by CCI in consultation with and examined by CWC/ JJB
  • Identification & recommendation for Sponsorship by CCI to PO-IC
  • Data transmission to DCPU on recommended cases
  • PO-IC collates all recommendations from CCIs
  • PO-IC recommends suitable cases to PO-NIC
  • PO-NIC with help from CWC & VLCPC plan implementation and prepare family for reunification (support from social workers & counsellors)
  • All documents are scrutinized by PO-NIC
  • PO-NIC finalizes list of cases & calls for a meeting of SFCAC
  • SFCAC reviews and approves cases
  • Support commences- bank account/ PO account opened in the name of the child- DCPU transfers allocation to A/C every quarter- PO-NIC is in touch with family for necessary support

 PO-NIC maintains individual case file, Intake, master & annual register of children under the sponsorship program, makes quarterly home & school visits and submits quarterly report to SFCAC that contributes to the Annual report of DCPU
SFCAC conducts annual review and may terminate sponsorship under specified circumstances on the basis of report submitted by PO-NIC
Sponsorship & foster care fund is created at the disposal of each DCPU.This fund is monitored by SCPS. Sponsorship support is directly transferred to the bank account of the child.
The existing Sponsorship Guidelines will be modified soon as per new JJA. The modified guidelines will offer scope of including children in institutional care under sponsorship.

Type of Sponsorship Total Number of Sponsorship disbursed
Rehabilitative 38
Preventive 107
SL. NO. DISTRICT Preventive Rehabilitative TOTAL
1 Alipurduar 0 0 0
2 Nadia 28 0 28
3 North 24 paraganas 0 7 7
4 Darjeeling 22 4 26
5 Bankura 0 6 6
6 Jalpaiguri 8 3 11
7 Purba Medinipur 1 21 22
8 Malda 5 1 6
9 Paschim Medinipur 0 4 4
10 South 24 Paragana 0 8 8
11 Kolkata 0 0 0
12 Cooch Behar 17 0 17
13 Howrah 0 14 14
14 Purba Burdwan 0 6 6
15 Hooghly 29 0 29
16 Murshidabad 1 15 16
17 Uttar Dinajpur 0 0 0
18 Purulia 0 8 8
19 Dakhin Dinajpur 0 2 2
20 Birbhum 0 8 8
21 Jhargram 0 0 0
22 Paschim Burdwan 0 0 0
23 Kalingpong 0 0 0
111 107 218


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